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How to install the Virtual TI emulator (screencast created by a student)
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How the site is organized

I am teaching these concepts in Saskatchewan, Canada, so what you see here is aligned to the Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum documents. I have been using Burt Thiessen's Math textbooks as our primary resource, so the content is organized according to his chapters.

Please note that this is a work in progress, and more content is being added frequently. Also, if you find any blatant errors, please let me know at I hope you find the examples useful.

Dan Schellenberg

How the examples are created

There have been a number of emails asking how I create the examples for this site. I have a SmartBoard in my room, which is essentially just a touch-screen for your computer at the front of the room. The touch-screen nature of the SmartBoard allows me to write directly on the board, and I record what I am doing using screencasting software (Jing is the application I use the most).
I no longer have a SmartBoard, as I've moved schools. I am now simply recording my a document camera (IPEVO).